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Target has long been one of the top leading retailers when it comes to providing quality items and brands at relatively low prices. This includes a vast selection of gardening supplies, including lawn care items, hoses, spades, pruning tools, and soils. Customers can also find garden accents like trellises and planters as well as accessories such as gloves and hats. You will also find an extensive selection of fertilizers, herbicides, insect control products that are safe for gardens, shrubs, flowers and trees. There is something for every type of gardener whether it be the occasional gardener with a small pot on their balcony or those more serious about their craft with large fruit-bearing trees to tend to in the backyard. Target provides customers with the assurance that their products are not only traceable but safe for both humans and plants alike thanks to its stringent quality control processes. Additionally, customers can take advantage of Target’s loyalty program which offers discounts on gardening purchases made both in-store and online. Furthermore, most items purchased from Target have generous return policies in case something turns out to be faulty or unsatisfactory –so shoppers can rest assured they will get the value they came looking for!

Advantages of Buying Gardening Supplies from Target

Shopping for gardening supplies from Target is a great choice for consumers who prioritize convenience, price, and quality. With physical locations throughout the US and an expansive online store, shoppers have easy access to a vast selection of gardening supplies, ranging from small tools like hand trowels and pruners to bigger items like garden sheds and greenhouses. In addition to convenience, shoppers can also rest assured that they are getting great value for their money. Target offers competitive prices on its products as well as everyday deals and promotions that provide further savings. Furthermore, the store sells top-quality brands such as Miracle-Gro or Ortho with guarantees on return or replacement should a product be unsatisfactory after purchase. All these benefits make Target an ideal place when shopping for gardening supplies.

Different Types of Gardening Supplies Available at Target

Target carries a variety of gardening supplies, such as planters, watering cans, soil and fertilizer, rakes and shovels, pruners and shears, gardening gloves, and more. Besides the basic tools needed to start a successful gardening project they also offer lawn care products; things such as pesticides and fungicides, lawn aerators to help reduce compaction in the soil and improve water drainage, grass seed mixtures for different types of climates and soil conditions, weed killers that are both efficient and eco-friendly. In addition to these products they also have decorative items to turn any garden into an oasis; metal or plastic trellises to support vining plants like grapes or flowers, attractive flat stones for pathways or edging your garden beds. You can find chimes to add music to your garden area or bird baths for feathered friends. Target has everything you need for both beginner level gardeners all the way up to experienced pro’s.

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Highly Rated Gardening Products from Target

Target has a wide array of gardening supplies available, from basic tools and equipment to complete sets designed for different levels of gardening experience. They offer products from trusted brands such as Potting Shed Creations and Miracle-Gro, making it easier to find the right product for your gardening needs. In addition to the vast selection of items, you can also find highly rated gardening products on Target’s website. These products have been rated highly by customers who have used them in their own gardens and given them positive feedback for their quality, performance, and overall capability. The ratings are also a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your money when shopping at Target. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener, there is something for everyone when shopping at Target’s selection of gardening supplies.

Helpful Hints for Shopping at Target for Gardening Supplies

1. Take advantage of Target’s REDCard: With the REDCard you save 5% at all store locations and online, get free shipping on all orders, and special bonus offers year-round.

2. Take advantage of the Cartwheel app: A great way to save money while shopping in an actual store is to use the Cartwheel app which allows you to scan products and apply certain percentage discounts, giving you a bonus when you check out.

3. Look out for sales: Every week Target has amazing deals throughout the store and that includes garden supplies as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for these discounts!

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4. Visit their website and explore their range of selection: With an even larger selection than there is at stores, be sure to visit Target’s website in order to see what other products are available that may not yet be stocked in your local store. You can even combine coupon codes with your REDCard purchase online for additional money off your order!

5. Look for clearance items: Clearance items appear both online or at physical stores and can sometimes be found in the outdoor or garden section as well! Remember these items are typically not restocked so shop quickly!


Making Target your go-to store for gardening supplies ensures you will always have the materials and tools you need, whenever you need them. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener, Target offers an extensive selection of products to meet all your gardening needs. From basic seed sowing and soil preparation to more advanced garden care activities such as pest control, selecting plants and landscaping designs—you’ll find it all at Target. Some popular items include fertilizers and soil amendments, cultivators and trowels, greenhouses and shade cloths, watering cans and sprinklers, weeders and hoes, trellises, bird baths and feeders, lawnmowers and weeding tools. Beyond just purchasing the necessary products to maintain your garden, Target provides helpful advice in the form of monthly Community Gardening Forums as well as additional resources such as how-to guides to help tackle any gardening job. All of this plus friendly customer service makes shopping for gardening supplies at Target an enjoyable experience every time.

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