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Established in 2003, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville (FSG) is a premiere garden center and landscaping services provider located on the outskirts of central Virginia. Its vast and elegant showcase garden provides more than 20,000 square feet of gardens, trees, flowers and complete landscaping options that are sure to tempt even the novice gardener.

Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville has earned a reputation as one of the premier destinations for those looking to spruce up their outdoor living spaces with beautiful foliage, edibles and seasonal decorations. From its massive selection of native plants and shrubs to its diverse range of gardening tools, FSG offers something to suit almost any style or budget. Customers can find perennials like roses and azaleas, shrubs such as boxwood and hydrangeas, groundcover for adding texture, edibles like herbs and veggies – even trees including conifers, willows and fruit-bearing varieties! Plus with an experienced team of design consultants on hand, visitors can get expert guidance when it comes to planning out their own dream gardens or landscapes.

In addition to its vast selection of garden goodies for both experienced horticulturalists and aspiring green thumbs alike; Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville also offers classes led by knowledgeable instructors from Virginia Cooperative Extension. Here customers can hone their skills while attending lectures on topics such as composting techniques, soil testing methods, pest control tips – even weather-inspired gardening projects! Plus there are plenty of other outdoor activities available at the store throughout the year including live demonstrations by local farmers showcasing sustainable agriculture practices as well as special sales events held at various times throughout the year.


Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville is located in the heart of central Virginia on the corner of Preston Avenue and Harris Street. It’s easily accessible via VA-250, and drivers can find parking onsite or just a few blocks away at the Downtown Mall.

The store has been serviging central Virginia with top quality plants and gardening products since 1993. With over 20 years of experience in providing for local customers, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville stocks only the best organic soil amendments, plant foods, native species and more from top industry brands.

Inside, customers are warmly welcomed by knowledgeable staff who are always ready to answer questions or offer solutions when it comes to crunch time in their gardens. The staff members have a wealth of knowledge about sustainable gardening practices, natural remedies for pest control, fertilization techniques and all other aspects of successful gardening in central Virginia. Those looking for expert advice on their plants will be able to get it here!

In addition to its outstanding selection of products and helpful staff, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville also offers educational opportunities such as gardening classes where experienced gardeners guide novices through the essentials and help them expand their skills. They also host plant swaps throughout the season so customers can share their extras with others who might not have access to certain species or varieties of plants indigenous to the area. From pottery classes designed to help you create stylish containers for your home garden beds to charity events aimed at raising awareness about important environmental issues, there’s always something exciting happening at this vibrant garden center!

Products & Services

At Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville, we offer a wide selection of products and services for all your gardening needs. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of home gardening or an experienced master green thumb, Fifth Season has something for everyone. Our selection of plants is constantly evolving and growing, so be sure to check back often to keep up with the latest additions. From hanging baskets and annuals to perennials, trees and shrubs, we have everything you need to create the perfect landscape design. We don’t just sell plants either—we also carry a variety of gardening supplies such as mulch, soil amendments, composting materials, fertilizers, soil tests, weed control products and more. Plus we’ve got all the tools you need to get started—from trowels and rakes to pruners, shovels, spades and hoses—plus lots of helpful advice from our knowledgeable staff. Stop by today and start creating your own dream garden!

Helpful Staff

The staff at Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville have many years of experience in helping their customers find the perfect plants for their gardening needs. They are knowledgeable about a wide variety of plants, from common herbs and vegetables, to rare or exotic flowers and trees. The passionate staff can answer questions with expertise and help customers select the most suitable varieties of plants and provide helpful advice on successful gardening practices.

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In addition to their extensive knowledge, the staff is also friendly, approachable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each customer has an enjoyable shopping experience regardless of the size of their order. They will often offer helpful services such as soil testing and care instructions for newly-purchased items. As a result, customers are left feeling confident about their new potted flowers or garden vegetables knowing that they have expert advice to back them up. With personal attention from Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville’s friendly staff it is no wonder so many gardeners return again and again!

Educational Resources

Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville offers a wealth of educational resources to help patrons learn the best techniques for gardening in the area. The Garden Center offers complimentary tutorials and tips on various subjects including pruning, fertilizing, soil management, and pest control. These tutorials are designed to provide advice on topics such as planting times and locations for specific types of plants, as well as guidance on proper watering and root care. Additionally, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville provides guidance on necessary equipment from growing lights to large garden hoses. In addition to tutorials and tips provided by the Garden Center team, patrons may attend any number of hands-on classes offered at the location. These classes cover a range of topics including the basics of vegetable gardening, container gardening, and vertical rooftop plantings. With access to a knowledgeable staff of horticulturists, ample tutorials available in-store or online free of charge, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville is fully equipped to teach its patrons everything they need to know about gardening in their area.

Events & Classes

At Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville, we offer a wide variety of informative and entertaining events and classes. Our professional staff are experts at providing trendy gardening tips, plant care advice, new products to enhance your garden experience, as well as ideas for unique gardening projects you can do on your own. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start a vegetable garden for the first time or an experienced gardener expanding their current setup, we have something for everyone. We host many different events such as educational seminars and workshops on gardening basics, free plant care clinics where our experts answer any questions you may have about taking care of plants, product testing demonstrations so you can learn more about the best tools for your garden’s needs, seed-starting classes that give you the opportunity to get started on the perfect crop from home, celebratory events including harvest festivals and floral arrangement lessons. We even offer classes designed specifically for children so they can learn how to grow healthy and delicious food while discovering nature in a fun way. Whatever experiences you seek out with us at Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville will be sure to leave you with long lasting memories!

Community Projects

Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville is a project spearheaded by the University of Virginia’s Graduate School of students to cultivate community-oriented gardens. Through the hard work and dedication of their team, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville has been able to implement several projects that have enhanced their local environment. They provide urban gardening and conservation workshops on a regular schedule, working with both adults and children in the community. Participants at these events learn how to care for crops from local farmers and build community relationships.

In addition to providing workshops and education, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville also supports existing community gardens by supplying necessary resources and tools for sustainable growing practices. They assist communities in creating new spaces for food production, making sure the land is irrigated properly and allows for healthy growth of crops. Furthermore, First Season Gardening Charlottesville continues to create new partnerships with local organizations like Bethany House of Hospitality in order to provide fresh recipes containing healthy produce from their gardeners. By focusing on allotment gardening, they empower individuals to produce fresh foods while also improving access to nutrition knowledge that can be applied in everyday life. Lastly, this organization helps sell garden-grown products made locally through fundraising events held throughout our city year round. These goods are sold door-to-door or at our local farmers markets, helping communities become more self-sufficient through sustainable agriculture practices.

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Upcoming Events

Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville offers a variety of events and classes, ideal for gardeners of all levels in the near future. The Garden Center is the hub for learning, creativity and community. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or new to the scene, Fifth Season has something that can help you cultivate your green thumb.

The upcoming events and classes will feature various topics to help you learn more about gardening, including planting techniques, pest control, pruning practices and soil management. During these events, participants will be able to ask questions and receive advice from experienced artists and gardeners. There will also be hands-on tasks that allow attendees to apply their newfound knowledge in practical ways on their own home gardens. In addition to lectures and classes, the Garden Center will offer demonstrations from talented experts who can provide tips on cultivating floral arrangements with ease! Throughout these events there will be opportunities for shopping discounted garden items such as seeds, tools and soil amendments. Plus many of the contributors are local artisans who provide beautiful goods for your home landscape.

At Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville there is something for everyone! With its diverse programing line up it’s sure to have an event or class tailored just right for gardeners at any level. Be sure to visit the Garden Center often — you never know what unexpected lessons might bloom during their next event!

Why Visit

If you’re looking for a fantastic gardening center with high-quality produce, supplies, and services, then Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville should be at the top of your list. This wonderful destination offers so much that it’s sure to meet all of your gardening needs. Customers will find everything they need to create the ultimate backyard or patio garden – from plants and potting soils to ornamental trees and shrubs – in one convenient location. Plus, knowledgeable staff members are on hand to answer questions about tips for success and helpful advice for growing season-specific crops.

At Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville, you’ll find a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as rare heirloom varieties from across the country. Whether you want to plant tomatoes, peppers, herbs, or other edibles in your garden this year or just keep them indoors as houseplants, their selection offers something for everyone. They also have some unique decor items like water features, patio furniture sets and seasonal decorations which can help make any outdoor space look extra special. In addition to this, they provide gardening classes throughout the year so anyone eager to learn more about cultivation can get a hands-on education on different techniques while being guided by professional instructors who know their stuff. And if you’re looking for something fun during your visit – they also offer breathtaking views of Charlottesville’s rolling hills!


Visiting Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville provided an enjoyable and educational experience. Not only did we have the opportunity to explore their vast selection of products and get helpful advice from their knowledgeable staff, but we were also able to take in the peaceful scenery of their surrounding gardens. From house plants, to herbs and vegetables, to flowering plants, they truly have something for everyone! Their commitment to serve the community and help gardeners with anything they need makes them the perfect destination for all your gardening needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, Fifth Season Gardening Charlottesville is the ideal place for you – it’s like stepping into a magical garden! So come down and pay them a visit today – you won’t regret it!

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