Rosales Gardening

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Rosales Gardening is a full-service landscaping and gardening service located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With over 15 years of combined experience in the industry, we offer unparalleled quality of services that our customers can rely on. Our team specializes in tree care, lawn maintenance, flower garden design, pruning and trimming shrubs, water features such as fountains or ponds, and customized installation services to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space.

Coverage Areas:
Santa Fe, Santa Ana Pueblo, Pojoaque Pueblo, Nambe Pueblo, Tesuque Pueblo, Espanola and surrounding areas.

Process of Work:
Our process begins with a consultation with a Rosales Gardening professional to discuss your visions for your outdoor space. We will then visit your location to do an initial assessment and provide suggestions on what would work best for you given your available resources. Afterward, we will provide estimates based on labor costs and materials needed including sod, mulch, trees/shrubs/plants & flowers. Once everything is finalized between us and the customer, the actual services will begin; we even provide scheduled maintenance visits to keep your garden healthy and looking vibrant all year round!

For our services at Rosales Gardening prices are dependent on job size as well as complexity of service needed. During the initial consultation with one of our professionals they will get an accurate scope of work while providing corresponding pricing information at that time. We also have monthly packages available so please feel free to inquire about those details during your main-line conversation with our customer service department!

Include a focus on sustainability and environmental principles

Rosales Gardening focuses on sustainability and environmental principles, striving to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful yet also eco-friendly. This involves using sustainable materials such as recycled or repurposed items, working with the local environment to conserve resources (e.g., water and energy), and minimizing our impact on the surrounding land by selecting plants native to the area. To ensure our gardens are healthy, we prioritize organic growing practices such as composting, natural pest management, and rainwater harvesting. We also strive to embrace organic gardening techniques whenever possible in an effort to protect ourselves and our customers from unnecessary toxic chemicals. Finally, we use high-quality landscaping components that won’t necessarily be replaced any time soon—which helps reduce waste production as well as helping our customers save more money in the long run! Overall, Rosales Gardening is dedicated to creating enjoyable outdoor spaces while still respecting the environment.

Feature photos and videos of clients’ before and after experiences

Rosales Gardening offers the best in garden maintenance and landscaping services for homeowners. They specialize in creating a unique outdoor space that complements the style of any home, inside and out. To showcase the amazing results of their work, Rosales Gardening should feature photos and videos of before and after client experiences online. This will provide potential customers with visual proof of their outstanding work, as well as examples of what they can expect when they choose to use Rosales Gardening’s services. Photos of happy clients alongside their newly landscaped gardens can be posted on Rosales Gardening’s social media channels to attract follower engagement and highlight customer satisfaction stories. Videos showing complete transformations from start to finish should also be available on the company website or YouTube channel for people to explore. These photos and videos can also serve as testimonials for others who are considering hiring Rosales Gardening for a job.

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Add a section on common questions and answers

Q: What kind of services does Rosales Gardening offer?
A: Rosales Gardening offers a variety of services that include landscaping, soil preparation, planting, garden maintenance and more.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We serve the greater Los Angeles area, including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Studio City, Malibu and Encino.

Q: Are your gardeners experienced and certified?
A: Yes! Our gardeners are highly experienced and certified by the California Landscape Contractors Association. We make sure to hire staff members with experience and education in gardening and landscaping for the best results.

Q: Can I get an estimate for services?
A: Sure! Get in touch with our team to receive an estimate for the services you need. We understand that every customer has their own individualized needs; which is why we’ll work together with you to determine what service package works best for you.

Include a section detailing customer rewards or loyalty programs

Rosales Gardening rewards customers for their loyalty. We offer a points-based loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate points each time they shop with us. For every dollar spent, customers will earn one point. Special promotions and events may also award bonus points. Customers can then redeem these points when they reach certain levels, such as 25 points or more which can be used on a purchase of $20 or more. Also, customers who refer friends and family receive additional rewards and are eligible for exclusive deals on products and services. We guarantee that our loyalty program allows customers to benefit from their purchases in the long run!

Highlight awards and certifications achieved by the staff

Rosales Gardening is proud of the awards and certifications its staff have achieved. Our staff has obtained a variety of credentials, including:

• Certified Landscape Professional (CLP) – The CLP course allows professionals to demonstrate their expertise in all things related to landscaping from plant knowledge and pest control to soil health and practical installation techniques.

• Certified Turfgrass Professionals (CTPs) – CTPs are equipped with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for competent management and operation of turfgrass-related activities. This includes understanding mowing techniques, irrigation techniques, pest management practices and more.

• Sustainable Landscapes Certificate – Our staff has earned this certificate recognizing their commitment to green-focused business practices such as efficient water use, implementing low-impact environmental choices while providing superior client services.

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• Tree Care Academy Graduate – Our staff have completed comprehensive training courses developed by Davey Tree on caring for trees in a safe, effective manner.

Through our dedication and hard work, we strive to provide the highest quality garden care to our clients.

Include customer reviews and ratings

Rosales Gardening has become famous for the capability of its staff to turn gardens and lawns into beautiful places. They were able to do this through the combination of experienced personnel, efficient tools and quality materials. Reviews touted their quick work and impressive end-products.

Most customers have been highly impressed with Rosales Gardening’s services, praising their fast transformation and effective maintenance assistance. Many have noted that they saw an instant improvement in the look of their gardens after Rosales Gardening took charge. Customers also highlighted how friendly and professional the team was during each visit, paying extra attention to every detail. From one customer: “They had a tenacious approach, working straight through to ensure all areas were finished as quickly as possible.”

Other customers stated how pleased they were with the competitive prices that Rosales Gardening offered for their services. In addition, many commented on how safe the procedures were, staying up-to-date with any new government regulations related to gardening and landscaping. Those who used Rosales Gardening looked forward to welcoming them back again next season! On average, customers rated them 4 out 5 stars for overall professionalism, cost effectiveness and quality results.

Feature an FAQ and troubleshooting guide

Rosales Gardening’s FAQ and troubleshooting guide should provide users with easy access to quick help. This guide should give customers general information, advice on common solutions to basic problems, as well as more specific answers related to a particular problem or product. It should include topics such as supply concerns and maintenance tips for gardening equipment, soil types and their effects on plants, common pest issues, and possible solutions for different climate concerns. Additionally, it could focus on other areas such as how to water your garden correctly or plant properly; how to transplant plants or prune shrubs; fertilizing techniques; safety tips when using any tools; and much more. In addition to addressing common gardening issues with helpful solutions, this guide should also feature seasonal care guides for each month of the year so customers can plan ahead. Finally, the guide should always strive to be clear and concise by utilizing short sentences and simple language that is easy to understand.

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