Where To Buy Cheap Containers For Gardening


Gardening with containers is an easy and affordable way to add life to any home. Upcycling items can offer unique styles for gardeners of all levels. From terracotta pots, recycled buckets, or upcycled food tins, there’s a wide array of options available to suit every taste. For those looking for something both affordable and environmentally-friendly, here are some ideas on where to buy cheap containers for gardening:

Thrift stores: Thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army often carry containers of various sizes at discounted prices. Another place to check is the discount section of craft stores like Michaels or Joann’s Fabric.

Garage sales: Items such as terracotta pots, ceramic planters, or galvanized buckets can often be found at garage sales at a fraction of their original cost. Additionally, they make great conversation starters during the planting season!

Reusing household items: Reusing things around the house such as coffee cans and other food containers can also be effective in creating container gardens. Just make sure that whatever you use have enough drainage holes along the bottom to keep roots from being waterlogged!

Farmers markets: Local farmers markets often sell inexpensive plants in used containers such as plastic yogurt cups or egg cartons at discounted rates when compared to buying them new from a nursery or store. Just make sure that you check for pests before adding them into your current garden!

Online retailers: Companies like Amazon sell plastic potting tubs and window boxes in different sizes at discounted prices from what would be found elsewhere in gardening stores. Plus they’re usually delivered directly to your door, which makes it convenient if you don’t want to leave the house when shopping!

Types of Containers

When considering where to buy cheap containers for gardening, it is important to first consider the type of material used and the shape. Different materials are more suited to certain climates, while some shapes can better suit certain types of plants.

Common materials used in garden containers include wood, clay and plastic. Wood provides an appealing appearance but needs to be treated and sealed against moisture. Clay will keep soil warm and drains quickly but is susceptible to cracking when exposed to extreme temperatures. Plastic, although being lightweight, may not be as attractive as other materials, but it is resistant to cracking or water damage. Whichever material you choose, look out for signs of deterioration from weathering over time.

Shape can have a huge impact on both practicality and aesthetics of your garden container set-up. Round or cylindrical pots are perfect for growing taller plants like tomatoes due to the narrower depth at the base which reduces root circling, however they often come with smaller water reservoirs which need daily check-ins during hotter months. Square containers are great for busy gardens or balconies as they make great use of limited space; however they lack an air circulation around the sides which can sometimes lead to too much moisture retention around root systems leading in fungus growths over time. Rectangular pots work well in sets across raised beds due their shape will provide a consistent display without limiting plant size. Additionally being shallower than round pots means less topsoil required per pot and faster drainage times leading to heightened nutrition absorption for your plants’ roots over a longer season!

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Shopping Online

When it comes to purchasing containers for gardening, the internet provides an easy and affordable way to shop. Online retailers provide a wide variety of products from traditional clay pots to modern fabric bags. With just a few clicks you can easily browse through various sizes, shapes, colors and materials available for your container garden. You can compare prices between different vendors to get the best deal possible and have your products shipped directly to your door. Many online stores also offer discounts and coupon codes so be sure to take advantage of any special offers you find. Additionally, if you need help with selecting the right type of container for your needs, many online stores offer advice or assistance through their customer service team. Shopping online has never been easier when it comes to buying containers for your garden.

Flea Markets & Thrift Stores

Flea markets and thrift stores offer a great opportunity to find odd or unique containers for gardening on the cheap. You can often find containers you would never find at a typical garden center, such as old wooden boxes, vintage crocks, broken china, and other items waiting to be reused as planters. Many of these old containers are sturdy enough to hold even heavier appliances like clay pots. It’s also possible to get unique pieces of artwork or sculpture that could work in your garden space. When buying from thrift shops or flea markets, it’s important to check for any signs of decay that would make the container unsuitable for planting purposes. In addition, always inspect the container for cracks in the base and be sure it has drainage holes. Finally, if you’re feeling particularly creative, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t paint an old container before using it as a planter box – after all, colorful containers look great in gardens!

Plant Nurseries

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get cheap containers for gardening is to go to a local plant nursery. Plant nurseries usually have a great stock of various containers, pots, and planters available in different materials such as terracotta, wood, metal, concrete, plastic and more. And they offer them in various shapes and sizes so finding the right container for your needs should not be difficult. Another advantage of purchasing containers here is that you can get local advice on what container would work best for your plants. You can also ask about the proper chemical treatments for each kind of material which will come in handy when you start gardening. You can even get tips from the nursery expert on how to maintain your plants’ health better. Furthermore, paying a visit to a Nursery means you’ll immediately know if any new trends or innovative products specific for gardeners are available to you. All in all, visiting a local plant nursery may be the fastest and most rewarding way to find cheap containers that best suit your gardening needs.

The DIY Route

One great way to buy cheap containers for gardening is to make your own. With a little bit of creativity, you can create all sorts of beautiful and unique plant pots, window boxes, and hanging planters out of everyday objects. It’s not only cost-effective but it’s also an enjoyable way to customize your garden. Some common materials used for DIY containers include plastic bottles, tin cans, wooden pallets, old tires, recycle buckets, and even cloth! You can use these materials alone or combine them with other items such as rope or hinges to create more elaborate designs. Don’t be afraid to get creative–putting together different colors, textures and shapes will make your container garden stand out from the rest. Once you’re done making your containers, don’t forget to give them a few coats of waterproof paint or sealer so they’ll last longer in the elements.

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Considerations for Different Gardens

When it comes to gardening, the type of container you choose makes a world of difference in the outcome. Your garden’s size and shape, what kind of plants you plan to grow, and where you plan to place your container all play a role in deciding the best option for you. For instance, if you have a limited amount of space in which to garden, consider lightweight plastic or Styrofoam containers that are easy to move around if needed. If your climate requires plants to be protected from frost, ensure that your container will be insulated; terracotta pots are porous and won’t maintain heat as well as stiffer-material options such as glazed ceramic. If you plan to employ vertical gardening techniques, look for items like hanging baskets or wall mounted containers designed specifically with this purpose in mind. With just a bit of research, it’s possible to find something suitable without breaking the bank! Consider looking into thrift stores or secondhand shops for cheap yet still reliable options. You can also often get great deals on slightly used materials from online retailers such as Amazon or eBay – plus opting for second-hand material helps reduce your environmental impact too!


Before purchasing containers for your garden, it’s important to decide on a material that is right for your needs. Plastic is the cheapest and most cost-effective option, but comes in less durable forms. Clay pots provide a more traditional look, but can be quite fragile; metal baskets are an alternative, especially galvanized versions which will prevent rusting. Check where the container was made and consider potential safety issues with containers made of treated wood or plastic. Additionally, verify measurements to make sure they are suitable for the space you plan on using them in. Lastly, be sure to research drainage availability if you want to ensure your plants continue to stay healthy and hydrated. With these tips in mind, you can easily find cheap containers for your gardening needs!

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