Who Is The Publisher Of Gardening Know How


Gardening Know How is a popular gardening resource founded by Danny Passman, a professional gardener with decades of experience. Founded in 2010, the website has grown to reach millions of gardeners all over the world. It provides gardening tips, advice, photos and videos designed to help novice and experienced gardeners improve their results and have more success in the garden.

The Publisher of Gardening Know How is the ever-growing content powerhouse behind its success – SiteSell Inc. Based out of Canada, SiteSell began by creating self-publishing tools for digital entrepreneurs but quickly shifted its focus to SBI! (Site Build It!), an innovative web building app that includes e-commerce integration. Its goal was to make the internet better by providing millions of aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to start their own successful business online.

Today, SiteSell Inc owns and operates dozens of websites worldwide, including Gardening Know How which presents relevant information in an easy-to-navigate format. Their editorial team vets each article for accuracy and completeness so that readers receive only well researched topics complete with detailed instructions, helpful images, and additional links to related topics. They also update articles frequently with any new developments or changes in common practices relating to gardening so readers can keep up-to-date on all trends in horticulture without leaving the comfort of their home. Without the dedication from SiteSell Inc’s talented staff working hard behind the scenes on Gardening Know How since 2011, it would not be possible for such a powerful educational content hub for gardeners around the world to exist today.

History of Gardening Know How

Gardening Know How was founded in 2002 by gardening enthusiast and amateur horticulturalist Bryce Lane, who had a passion for helping others enjoy their gardens. The website initially started as a small section on his personal website featuring answers to frequently-asked questions he collected from visitors.

The success of the small section quickly propelled the content into one of the top 10 most visited websites on gardening in 2006 according to Hitwise – an online web tracking system. Seeing the demand, he established Gardening Know How as an independent company and continues to expand the website’s content with relevant information, tips, and advice to enthusiastic gardeners worldwide. To date, Gardening Know How has become one of the most trusted resources among gardeners now carrying over 20,000 pages of original content including guides on identifying common plants, growing lessons and easy-to-follow tutorials.

Key Players Involved

Gardening Know How is an online publication owned and operated by the media company Networx.Networx was founded in 1999 and has grown to become a leading do-it-yourself media brand through strategic partnerships, leveraging its content across multiple platforms. Gardening Know How is managed by the editorial team of Networx, composed of experienced gardening professionals who are passionate about helping homeowners maximize the potential of their homes’ outdoor living spaces. This published focused editorial staff includes seasoned gardeners and editors with expertise across the field: landscape design experts, horticulturists, nurserymen, gardeners, mechanics and biologists. This core group works together to create comprehensive guides for homeowners looking for ideas to beautify their yards as well as timely seasonal advice from expert advisors. The team is committed to providing readers with straightforward facts backed up by research and hands-on experience that help make a difference for both novice and expert gardeners alike.

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What Makes Gardening Know How Unique?

Gardening Know How is published by the active learning and gardening platform Alive Media Group. Alive Media Group also publishes a variety of other informative writing on growing food, plants and animals, making their expertise in the gardening sector second to none. What makes Gardening Know How unique is that it focuses almost exclusively on the practice of successful home and beginner gardening. The content provided by this platform places emphasis on providing accessible yet comprehensive gardening instructions and advice, so that anyone — regardless of experience level — can have success with their gardening endeavors. Furthermore, Gardening Know How offers support for all stages of the process from layout and design to actual maintenance; adding uniqueness to their publication by touching on topics that people may not think of when first entering into the world of gardening.

Who is the Publisher of Gardening Know How?

Gardening Know How is a website dedicated to providing users with the most up-to-date and accurate information on all varieties of plants, flowers, vegetables, and houseplants. It’s owned and operated by Golson Media, LLC. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 2008, Golson Media is an innovative media company specializing in content publishing, consumer outreach and digital marketing. Their mission is to make gardening easier for everyone through the distribution of educational materials and interactive tools.

In addition to Gardening Know How’s website, users can also access Gardening Know How content through the brand’s blog posts and social media pages — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. They post news stories from around the gardening world; feature interactive tools like plant choosers and tutorials; provide advice on landscape design; showcase gardens from around the world; as well as offer information on specific plants including care tips as well as possible problems (and solutions). Their goal is to continue growing Gardening Know How into a leading resource for gardeners looking for advice about their outdoor spaces.

Impact of Gardening Know How on the Industry

Gardening Know How is a website that has been informing and educating gardeners since 2005. It is owned and managed by Craftsman Web Design, Inc., a company founded by two gardening enthusiasts.

Gardening Know How has made an immense impact on the industry by providing reliable information for beginner to expert gardeners alike. The site offers detailed instructions and tips along with advice from experienced professionals in the gardening field. Additionally, the website includes sections featuring questions from readers as well as answers from experienced horticulturalists. This has enabled gardeners to access sound professional advice at no cost. Gardening Know How also publishes weekly email newsletters with updated content and reminders of important gardening activities. The website’s blog serves to keep track of new developments in the industry, news about beekeeping, pest control, growing vegetables, and more. All of these sections provide invaluable knowledge for those interested in learning or keeping up with any aspect of gardening or landscaping.

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The Benefits of Supporting Gardening Know How

The publisher of Gardening Know How is Prime Publishing LLC. Prime Publishing LLC is a leading, family-friendly media company based in Downers Grove, IL that creates content and digital products that inspire individuals to express themselves through craft, home décor and lifestyle projects. They publish over 60 brands which reach 75+ million readers every month around the world.

Engaging with Gardening Know How offers numerous advantages. Their website contains tips, tricks and techniques aimed at helping you become a better gardener. It provides DIY how-to’s for transforming your garden into a personal paradise. It’s filled with guidance for taking care of specific plants, information about when and how to fertilize, advice about pests and curative treatments for backyard problems, even creative recipe suggestions for incorporating homegrown produce into delicious meals. In addition to providing informative articles from the experts in the gardening industry, they also have an active forum community where likeminded gardeners can engage in conversations and find answers to their questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gardening Know How is published by Demand Media. Established in 2006, Demand Media specializes in creating publishing and social media networks that create content over a vast array of topics. With the help of writers and industry experts, they are able to provide readers with quality information such as garden tips, plant advice, pest control guidance, and recipes for different types of dishes. They also have network partners ranging from some of the top gardening magazines to universities and corporations in order to provide up-to-date information on gardening topics. Their mission is to empower everyone with the ability to be a gardener capable of growing anything that can be grown in their own backyard.


Gardening Know How is published by GardenersPath.com, Inc., a subsidiary of Dotdash. It provides home gardeners with timely advice on plants, flowers, shrubs and trees from gardening experts. They cover topics such as plant care and nutrition, pest and disease prevention, backyard landscaping and gardening techniques to give readers up-to-date information about the ins and outs of successful gardening projects. Gardening Know How also offers tips on how to buy fresh produce and different types of seeds, soil amendments, fertilizer types, organic gardening methods and more. By combining expert knowledge with up-to-date gardening trends, Gardening Know How can help gardeners of all levels achieve success in their endeavors.

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