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Buzzfeed’s guide to eco-friendly gardening gifts provides a great resource for choosing gifts that promote sustainability, health and wellbeing. From tools, potting benches and soil amendments to gardeners’ aprons, pruners and rain barrels, the wide range of items makes it easy to find something special for friends and family who are passionate about gardening and environmental stewardship. For those looking to invest in sustainable solutions with long-term benefits, rain barrels and compost bins offer an excellent investment as they conserve resources while helping reduce waste emissions. Additionally, unique gifts like mini-greenhouses or birdbaths add charm and character to any garden while encouraging wildlife habitats. For noteworthy plantsman or novice beginners alike, there are options ranging from organic heirloom seeds to starter kits with everything required for the beginner gardener get started. Lastly, thoughtful accents like garden totes and decorative accessories show your appreciation for something that is both practical and personal – a gift sure to take center stage in any garden paradise!

Plant Gifts

Gardening gifts are a great way to show someone you care, and there are many options that won’t break the bank. For example, everyone loves succulents — they’re super easy to care for and make a wonderful gift for green thumbs and novice gardeners alike. You can pick them up at your local nursery or even buy pre-potted versions from online retailers.

For an even more unique gardening gift, try herbal plants. There are tons of herbs that are edible, medicinal, or just fragrant: lavender for aromatic bed sheets; peppermint for soothing hot tea; rosemary for zesty dishes. Plus, aside from being beautiful and useful, herbal plants also act as natural pesticides so they help keep harmful bugs away from neighboring plants.

Finally, why not give someone a plant that helps the environment? We’re talking fast-growing vines like morning glories, which can quickly transform old buildings and walls into nature habitats — while removing air pollution simultaneously! If you know someone who already has all the basics of gardening covered, this is a great way to challenge them with something new and raise their green thumb potential even further.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools: Gardening Shears can be used to perform delicate and intricate pruning tasks in the garden, while Watering Cans make hand-watering much easier. Wall Hangers are a great way to organize your garden tools in an easy-to-reach location. Some hangers come with compartments for different sized tools, such as trowels or cultivators. Gardening Aprons are also excellent gifts, as they help protect clothing from dirt and stains. Garden Gloves can add an extra layer of protection for your hands as you work in the soil. Hoses and sprinklers are also fantastic addition to any gardener’s arsenal – they make it much simpler to provide plants with plenty of water without lugging buckets back and forth from the tap. When selecting gifts for green thumbs consider getting creative too; for instance, consider buying potted plants or caddies filled with soil!

Gardening Beds For Beginners

Garden Decor

Gardening gifts don’t get any better than this, and Buzzfeed has the solution for your gifting woes. Explore an amazing array of garden decor items that will make all your friends and family want to spend quality time outdoors. Let creativity take over with outdoor lighting, birdhouses, and peace poles to give your yard a whole new look. Brighten up any path or doorstep with mood lighting or colorful rugs or lanterns. Create a cozy scene around your garden table or seating area with string lights for a beautiful evening glow. For the wildlife enthusiasts among us, birdhouses come in all styles and sizes to attract feathered friends – from colourful hanging boxes to quaint nesting grounds tucked away in flower gardens. Add another touch of nature by adding a Peace Pole – often seen in public parks – which stands as a remainder of shared goals such as freedom, tolerance, equality and unity.

Plant Care Accessories

Shade cloth can be a great addition to any gardening gift. It provides protection from the sun, which is key for many plants’ survival. Shade cloth attaches to structures and comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any need. Hanging baskets are also wonderful for outdoor gardens, as they provide a stylish way to display beautiful blooms without taking up much space. There are plenty of options available in different materials such as wicker, ceramic or plastic. Automatic watering systems can be an ideal fit for gardeners who don’t have time to make sure their plants are hydrated on a regular basis. It helps deliver water to the roots while conserving resources by using timed irrigation. Systems come in various shapes, sizes and designs and feature an array of features so it is best to shop around before making a final decision.

Green Living Gifts

Bee House Kits: These kits give the perfect opportunity for someone to provide a safe home for the bees. It’s perfect for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike. The kit includes six unique bee houses in different sizes, with enough space to accommodate up to 30 bees in each of them. It also includes honeycomb patterns that provide an ideal nesting environment so the bees can thrive and multiply quickly. Plus, they are lightweight, easy to install and a great way to add some eye-catching decorative pieces to any garden or outdoor area.

Solar Lights: Solar lights are an eco-friendly alternative to electric lighting. This buzzfeed gardening gift set comes complete with solar-powered lanterns, spotlights and string lights. All of these products use renewable energy from the sun and can be used outdoors year round, even in the darkest corners of your garden or backyard. They’re perfect for providing evening ambience or making sure you never miss out on night-time festivities!

Crews Hill Gardening Club

Compost Tumblers: Compost tumblers are an easy option for anyone wanting to start composting at home without having it take up too much space outside. Made from durable materials like plastic or steel, this reusable bin is designed with air holes throughout so oxygen can flow freely into your compost mixture as it breaks down. Compost tumblers simplify maintenance; just turn the crank once a week and voila! You will have nutrient-rich soil ready for planting in no time!

Garden Subscription Boxes

Gardening gift sets offering a variety of specialty items for your favorite green thumbs make great presents. Subscription-based gardening gift sets offer convenience, providing easy access to all the necessary tools that gardeners need as well as creative additions to existing plant collections. Some subscription services even send out items specifically tailored to the season and plants that are blooming or ready to be planted. A subscription-based gardening gift set can make an excellent present for any avid gardener or passionate novice. From handy tools to special seeds and bulbs, these boxes often include in-depth how-to guides, occasional packages of fresh organic produce, and helpful tips for success with specific plants. Furthermore, receiving a monthly delivery of supplies encourages the hobbyist and sparks creativity by introducing new varieties of flowers, fruit, and vegetables from around the world!


Whether you know a passionate and green-fingered gardener, or someone who is just starting out on their journey to becoming a gardening pro, the gifts from Buzzfeed’s list of gardening gifts will surprise and delight them! This year could be the perfect opportunity for them to let their creative side shine as they explore new gardening techniques with thoughtful garden-inspired presents like potting benches, weather stations, tool kits and more. Paired with perfect accessories like seed packets, trellises, books on how to grow vegetables and other plants, as well as birdhouses or garden figures that look great in any outdoor setting – these gifts are sure to help them become even better gardeners! Regardless of your budget or available space, there’s a gift featuring something fun and unique for gardens big and small. So why not surprise your favorite green thumb with one of these fantastic suggestions? They’ll be so pleased with this thoughtful gesture that will inspire months of beautiful blooms.

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